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today we had to make our way to Fussen for the Hohenschwangau 2441843.jpgand the Neuschwanstein castle Neuschwans..he-mist.jpgcos we booked the tickets already..it is advisable to do that online first altho it comes with a small fee...the queue is scary even early in the mornin..IT WAS JUST SUPERB!! nothing to say bout it except superb!!! it literally looks like someone pasted it from a fairy tale book...It was built by King Ludwig II..who somewhat loved to live in his own fantasy..and thus built such splendid castles..if u find Neuschwanstein somewhat familiar..that's cos Disney used it as an inspiration for the castle we see in the animation Sleeping Beauty..it is like situated on this hill by itself..Neuschwans..-Brucke.jpgreally amazing..considering the technology at that time..and the scale of it all..with the magnificence..spent a whole day there..before making our way back..view-from-..-castle.jpg and the view from the castle...my..u really can feel the "greenness" in u well up as u think bout the people who used to stay here...

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This was the first major trip I had since i came to germany. We set off on the 16th Sept with Lufthansa from Dusseldorf to Munich and it took us only 1 hr to reach. After reaching Munich we made our way to Nuremburg first Lorenzkirche.jpgbecause we had time to spare for the day and could not go to Augsburg to check in anyway. Ehekarussell-Brunnen.jpg There was this really beautiful fountain called Ehekarussell Brunnen, in which the artist depicted 6 different interpretations of marriage...extreme coolness!! Nuremburg was great with lots to see and great nice buildings..a-closer-view.jpg and they have cool names too..like this fountain where the literal translation is Beautiful Fountain..it has a legend that turning the ring 3 times will make ur wish come true..turning-d-..me-true.jpgafter Nuremburg we made our way to Augsburg where we will stay for 4 nitez..

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After a good night's rest and lots of TV..i set off for the Stuttgart city centre..and i was in for a surprise because there was this really big flea market there it's real big..Altes-Schloss-inside.jpgi think with at least over 50 stores...very cool..and there were lots to see..i spent like more than an hr just looking at the things and also the sights there..very-nice-..s-Platz.jpgthen it was off to the car museums 2354455.jpgMercedes-Museum1.jpg2354501.jpgand it was on the way i made a fren..

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2353944.jpgThis weekend ventured by myself to Ludwigsburg and stayed over for a night in Stuttgart. The Venetian Fair at Ludwigsburg was lovely!!! Where-the-..as-held.jpgThere were many people in these real colourful dressing and these lovely masks..there were also live music performances..skits..and dances...2353809.jpgand even this outdoor musical thing where there are no lines so there's no problem of understanding it and all the performers are on blades!! it was a very amusing act and everyone totally enjoyed it.. 2353923.jpg
I stayed for a while, actually for a few hours..looking around..absorbing the rich atmosphere and just bathing in enjoyment before i made my way to Stuttgart..By the time i got to Stuttgart I was already very tired plus the bag i was carrying was making it worse so i decided to check in at the hostel i made a reservation at..on the way i passed the schloss platz..there were many people there at this time sitting at the fields sunbathing i guess..it was a magnificent sight.. with the evening sun..the schloss the fountains and the people..Neues-Schloss.jpg

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Hannover & Hamelin


Today went to hannover and hamelin..Had to wake up at 3.30am to catch an early train there.. and was really super tired when i got up..but the good thing was we reached hannover at 8.50am..which was very good..cos we could at least make trips to 2 cities..we first went to the flea market..the-flea-market.jpgit was really big..or shld i say long..nothing you would ever have seen in Singapore but very interesting to see all the things people sell there..altho i din get anything for myself..but it was a real interesting experience.. we then made our way to the leibniz house..which was just nearby..there's this brassring which supposedly when u turn it 3 times n make a wish ur wish will come true..BUT i cun find it!!! 0) haha..then we made our way to the rathaus..looking-down.jpgwhich was a real nice N big building..n-another-view.jpgthere're four models inside to depict the situation of hannover at diff periods of time..one in 1939 b4 WWII one after WWII, one in the 60s and one now...we could then take an elevator to the top of the rathaus..what is so special bout this elevator is it's slanted.yes u nv hear wrong..slanted..u can like feel urself leaning against one side when u're in the elevator n u can see the curves of its path thru the look-thru panels at the top of the elevator..COOL... nxt we then made our way to the Hbf..where we had to take a U-Bahn to the Herrenhauser Garden..2248630.jpgI LOVE THIS PLACE..it's so big..i feel it can almost be as big as a town in Singapore..seen-anyth..ngapore.jpgand it's just a garden..very nicely maintained and with many flowers n plants..there-are-..-garden.jpgit just makes u feel at ease...by the time we finished with the gardens..tired-afte..-garden.jpgwe had to rush for a train to Hameln..Hamelin was made famous through the Pied Piper legend by the brothers Grimm..and the first thing u c in this town are rats..2248900.jpgahaha..not real ones..just statues..and prints on the floor..a very cute town..with half-timbered houses..and a wonderful feel to it.. 2249289.jpg

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