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Moselle River tour


today went to trier n cochem by the moselle river..had to wake up at like 3.30am to catch an early train cos trier is bout 5 hrs away.. but it's like all was worth it..in the morning reached koln at like 6.15 or so..and had my breakfast there...at the station before we headed to koblenz for another change..cos it was early we went to have coffee at macdonalds' the macdonalds' here look great..even the paper cup..hahah.. then it was off to trier..the weather wasn't very good when we arrived but thankfully it stopped not long after we reach.. we first headed to porta nigra..this 2nd century city gate was once part of a 6.4km long Roman wall..we had to pay to view the inside..and well we din..din think it was worth the 2.10 euros..nxt we headed to Hauptmarkt..very nice..it has this little village feel..with this fountain of St Peter and the 4 virtues..from here it was juz a few steps away from the Dom..in-the-Dom.jpgi loved this Dom..more than the one in Koln..it has this serene feeling when u enter..and the carvings are so intricate and marvellous..inside there's also this organ that hangs from the ceiling..view-of-th..the-top.jpgas we exited the Dom we had to pass this alley called windstrasse..and boy does the name fit..the wind there is so strong u can hardly keep ur eyes open!!right next to the Dom is the Liebfrauenkirche..Liebfrauenkirche.jpgthis church is supported by exactly 12 round pillars signifying the 12 apostles..we then made our way to Romische Palastaula..it used to be the throne room of Roman emperor Constantin...it stands at 36 m and is 67 m long..what is most amazing bout it is there are no pillars inside at all supporting the building!!! a pity no pictures were allowed...nxt to this is the prince electors' residence..which makes a lovely picture with the palace garden juz in front of it.. Prince-ele..-garden.jpg i wanna live here!! hahha..impossible..but really it's real great if one day i can haf a house with such a nice garden in front.. dream on!! nxt stop..amphitheatre..once capable of holding 20000 people..but we hafta pay to get in oso..so i juz got a postcard..ahah..next..Kaiserthermen..an early thermal bath..this 4th century ruins rise 19m tall..we then decided to go to Barbarathermen..urm..it was closed when we went..and yah..nothing much to now excpet holes on the floor.. 0) so we juz made our way to Moselle river..and the Romerbrucke..successor to a 2nd century bridge of which 5 of 7 pylons are still exant..wow..but it was very cold today..n when the wind blew..wow...brrrrrrr....cold...hahaha.. after the moselle..we made our way back to the city to look for the toy museum..car-with-t..-museum.jpgand inside it's a kid's paradise..from dolls to teddies to cars n trains..n planes..ahahha..it is located above this cafe..and has this cute car outside as a landmark..n then we headed for the train station for our next stop cochem.. cochem has this like nice little village feel to it..back-down-..stopped.jpgthe landmark being the Reichsburg..it rained when we went..but thankfully it stopped on our way down from Reichsburg..the view's great..and it was well worth the climb..we stayed there for a while..n then went back to the station..the stay in cochem was bout 2hrs..but it was memorable..ahah.. then it was back home..

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Bonn - Excapital & Birthplace of Beethoven


n-closer.jpgwent to bonn today..beethoven's hometown..beethovens-monument.jpga very homely town with lots of boutiques...love it there..shot-with-it.jpgfeel very comfortable..very nice feeling to be just around there... shot-of-the-streets.jpg

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Cranger Kirmes


went to the carnival at Herne today...with some of my colleagues..n boy it was SUPER!!! had great fun...altho i only had 2 rides..but they were on the extremes..took this roller coaster ride..that was superb!! ahahah..altho b4 the ride i started to have second tots..but it wasn't that bad after all..n it's well worth the 3.50 euros..it's quite long..nothing i ever had was so long..ahahha..then went for this ferris wheel ride..think it was 3 euros..n boy..it was the biggest i've seen..n then again..maybe it's normal for germany..juz that singapore nv had such a big one..ahahha... b4 i left..i decided to get a caricature drawn to remember today...

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Rhine River tour..


today we went to koblenz n boppard..both of which are towns along the rhine river..it was a whole lot fun..these 2 towns are nto packed with tourists nor locals..even tho we went on a ssturday..and the pace of life there is very slow n leisurely..it feels real comfortable..to top it up..it has great views of the rhine river..together with the buildings there really made everything really nice...we first went to koblenz which was an hr of train ride from Koln..when we reached we got a map from the tourist info counter n decided juz to proceed to the river n then walk from there...walk-along-the-river.jpgcos it was lunch time..we had lunch by the river..O my...nice feeling to be slacking by the river having lunch..it feels so good u wun wanna leave...then we decided to proceed and to start looking at other sites..incidentally we found the deutsches eck..n it turned out to be a major site of Koblenz..it is acutally a promontory built on a sandback right at the river confluence(of Rhine & Moselle). at-the-sta..hes-Eck.jpgIn the place now is a statue of Kaiser Willhelm II. we then walked around the city area and decided to make our way to Boppard..Boppard is 20km south of Koblenz..by train takes bout only 10 minutes which is super good..ahaha..when we got there we din noe where the tourist information booth was so had to do without a map..but lonely planet mentioned this chairlift..1884188.jpgso we juz searched for it..and found it!! we took the ride up...it was a bit scary ar..for someone with vertigo.. but it was still manageable..after reaching we hafta walk a bit to Vierseenblick, a hill top site which gives very good view of the horse shoe shaped bend of the rhine river..supposedly the bendiest bend... bendiest-b..e-river.jpgafter spending some tiem there of cos with some shots we descended the hill top...and made our way to the city area...in this town a lot of the roman remains are present in the streets n houses...more-shots..he-town.jpgand they even have an archaelogical park that has the original Roman camp walls..together with graves of the Frankish era..after this 2 places..the clouds came..and we decided to make our way back..it was in all a wonderful trip...for a nature lover!!!

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First Stop: Koln


went to Cologne today!!! ahahha..so exciting...first we went to the ever famous Dom...another-look-up.jpgwhich is a cathedral n Mt Everest of all cathedrals..it was the highest building until Eiffel tower came to Europe.. =) we took a look at the interior and boy is it grand or what...all the pillars and stained glasses really make it look so beautiful...n-more-n-more.jpghow i wish i can get married there..waahha...there was a tower that we cud climb but we decided to come back in the afternoon...then it was to the chocolate museum...we took a walk along the Rhein river...n found it..it's loads of fun if u're a choc fanatic..n i m!!! we even get to taste choc from this choc fountain..look-at-th..ng-choc.jpgcool....there was a full account of the history of choc and collections of items from the past..next we were off to the cologne shop 4711..on the way we went to the rathaus..it was packed with people...n sales everywhere!!! we finally found it and well i bought a few bottles..ahaha...not forgetting the cologne fountain at the entrance of the shop...it was then we decided to make our way back to the Dom we climbed up the tower...and OMG issit tiring or issit tiring.. i almos dieded on the steps..ahaha..but at least it was worth it..what a view we then decided to walk around b4 heading back...cos we were juz too tired..ahaha..

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