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Berlin & Potsdam

31st Dec 04 - 5th Jan 05

This trip was anticipated long before it began..And we chose to go on the last day of the year because we heard about the amazing party at Bradenburger Tor..I must say compared to Singapore, they really do put a much greater emphasis on the celebration of the first day of a new year..Although it really felt good to be experiencing this whole ambience with people from everywhere..it was the first time i felt what it was like being squashed..and i mean literally..the people moved in every single available space..and you can hardly breathe..moreover being short in Asia already..you can imagine how small we felt surrounded by all the Germans who towered over us..although i felt like my ribs were going to be squashed sooner or later..i really did enjoy myself..

Many place that are a must to visit in Berlin..one of which is the famous Bradenburger Tor..at its place you can see the history of it and how it links up with the original Berlin wall..it's especially nice if you take a photo at night..IMG_0052.JPG

Another place we visited and enjoyed thoroughly was the Jewish Museum..due to the extensive history of Germany tied with WW2..and especially the history of Berlin..it cannot be more appropriate for Berlin to have this museum..in this many storey building..it actually display pictures and historical documents on the Holocaust..the lifes of the Jews..and the many events associated with the Jews..especially in the period of the WW2..i never knew one could stay so long in a museum..but after this place..i really developed an interest for such places..

In Berlin, there're also many interesting architecture..The Memorial Church which was partly destroyed but amidst the modern architecture it's almost impossible to miss..IMG_0093.JPGthank goodness the inside frescos were intact..and really amazing..IMG_0101.JPG

The Victory Monument is so significant that even on the SBahn you absolutely cannot miss it..With the figurine of a victory lady at the top..this golden tower is a landmark of the area..a climb up cost ~1 euro( i cannot really remember but i suppose such a physically straining climb could not have caused me to pay anything more than 2)and it brings you all the way to just below the figure..Safety bars surround the place so it's still pretty safe although it gives your legs jelly if you're afraid of heights and when the wind is so strong you feel like you'll be blown off any minute..worth having a look though..IMG_0072.JPG

When one is in Berlin..it almost makes no sense if you do not visit Potsdam..it appears that Potsdam to Berlin in its history is like Versailles is to Paris..it is where the Palaces are found..and wow..just by visiting one place you get to see many palaces all situated near each others..if you really want to explore the place well better spend at least a day here..Sanssouci, New Palace and Charlottenhof..but we only managed to tour only one of them..we were there pretty late..the new palace..which has this room made of shells..yeah you got me right..shells~~~ extremely amazing..if you've been to Versailles..this may not seem so much as grand as the one there..but still a good place with extrememly huge parks..and well..just walking through it can take you a few hours..

Berlin has been a great place to visit..but till today it appears that the difference between east and west berlin is still visible..the eastern side appears to be more undeveloped while the west boasts of modern architecture..it was great having so many days to relax and see all there is to see..at the end of the day..Berlin is afterall the capital of Germany..

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Honestly..after being in this country for almost 5 months..you no longer "wow" at every single thing you see..i still remembered the impact I was given by ALL the things I see in Koln..and well it was the very first place I visited in Germany..So when I went to Dusseldorf..3014491.jpg(FINALLY)..since strictly speaking it was the first place I arrived in Germany..(Emirates fly to Dusseldorf), it gave me a real comfortable feeling..very at ease with the whole place..no longer feeling awkward nor uncertain..Dusseldorf is very much a "more city" city..3014566.jpgprobably because it is the city in the region with a major airport..and a shopping haven for luxury goods..it is the first place I see in Germany with designer brand boutiques..if you're into sight seeing..I won't say Dusseldorf has much to offer..but parks in this urban landscape blend right in with the environment..and makes these places seem even more precious than they really are...3014531.jpg

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decided to start exploring cities nearby starting from this week..so first stop Essen..2648505.jpga very nice city with lots of shops and a wonderful bookshop with a sufficiently large collection of English books..the most i have seen thus far..bought a book and visited Villa Hugel 2648530.jpgbut after that was too tired to do anything else..so came back and decided to visit Essen again some other time..

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Wurzburg & Rothenburg


decided to travel to Wurzburg 2443652.jpgand Rothenburg today..went to the Residenz at Wurzburg first..it was great!! very nice frescos in the interior..2443633.jpgRothenburg on the other hand has a nice little village feel altho i must say it was really overpacked with tourists.. a bit too many for my liking..2443681.jpgbut i still like the fact that it felt like a fairytale little town..by now..you'll realise my entries are getting shorter and shorter..haha..actually everywhere has it owns distinct feel but due to a lack of vocab..i keep saying the same thing..what i want to say is go visit it urself...you'll really love it...2443682.jpg

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Today went to munich for the opening of the Oktoberfest.. it was great!!! with the road parade2443321.jpg and the spirit of the Oktoberfest was juz everywhere..2443450.jpgwe then walked a bit around the munich city centre...2443566.jpgjust an advice if you want to go Oktoberfest..2443580.jpggo with someone who drinks.. ;)

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